Pictures of Nudist Mom and Daughters enjoying Countryside, St. Petersburg, Russia


(please note that this site is a partial reproduction of our book Holy Nature: A Celebration of Naturism in Today's Russia which isavailable for sale at Purchase the Book  The images contained within the website differ from those in the book in thatthey do not show full nudity.   Censorship of the site based on such images couldobscure the much more important message of the book, therefore a collective decision was made to present the joy of nudity in nature through words andfaces.  We encourage all interested to purchase our book at Purchase the Book)

Foreward   Holy Nature Manifesto    Introduction
A Day in the Russian Countryside   A Naturist Wedding and Feast    Children's Day Celebration
The Eve of Ivana Kupala   Interview: M. Rusinov    Interview: Alla
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